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Manifesto Draeger | Ambassador of emotions



Since 1886, Draeger has been committed to enhancing emotions by helping everyone convey attention.
Whether it’s an intense feeling, an everyday emotion, a kind gesture or a sweet thought…
Strengthening, cultivating and enhancing the connection with those who matter becomes essential.

Draeger is also stories.
Stories of friendship or love, of a thank you or a yes,
everyday anecdotes or ones that we will always remember…
All are part of a form of universality, in which everyone can find themselves:
it is by letting the emotions within us express themselves that we can create stories that suit us.

Taking care of your loved ones, cherishing your connections with others, sharing a memorable event…
It is for all these reasons that Draeger imagines ever more daring creations with an undeniable extra soul.
Unique objects that magnify emotions to cultivate unique bonds, please and write the most beautiful story possible: yours.