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How to use trackers in a Bullet Journal?

In a Bullet Journal , trackers allow you to set daily goals to motivate you to achieve them! Easy to personalize, they can take different forms and follow different periods depending on your needs. In short, here's how and why to create this essential page in your Bujo!

What are Bullet Journal trackers?

Bullet Journal trackers are a quick and effective way to set goals in order to achieve them. Concretely, it involves starting from the SMART method to follow them. So what is the SMART method? It's simple, your objective must be Simple, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Timely defined.

In your Bujo, the trackers can appear in different ways. The most common is certainly the table that you can directly create or which materializes with dot pages. But some prefer curves or circles for a much more stylish highlight. Finally, we also find the histogram or the check boxes in different colors. Either way, you need to be able to see the progress of your goals at a glance to motivate yourself every day!

What frequency for Bujo trackers?

The frequency of Bullet Journal trackers depends above all on your needs and objectives. Generally, there are three types:

  • the tracker locates
  • the tracker followed
  • the progress tracker

The marker tracker acts as a beacon. On a daily basis, it allows you to check the date on which you last performed a task. For example, it could be the cat's vaccination, cleaning the freezer or checking the car.

The tracker allows you to motivate yourself in new lifestyle habits! Per month or per week, it allows you to follow sports exercises, promote restorative sleep or increase your reading time.

Finally, the progress tracker allows you to view a progress curve over several months. For example, it could be your weight on the scale or the state of your finances.

Guide to Bullet Journal Trackers

Bullet Journal trackers meet very personal needs and can vary from person to person. However, to help you create them, here are some examples!

For weekly monitoring

For weekly monitoring, Bullet Journal trackers can easily support you in losing weight. With or without a goal, you follow the number that appears on the scale and you can even enter the frequency of slimming recipes. For daily goals, you can also use it for a sporting activity.

For example, trackers record the number of kilometers traveled while running or the frequency of outings. Finally, for anyone who has sleeping problems, the Bujo is an excellent solution! Thanks to weekly monitoring, you check bedtimes, wake-up times, sleep time, etc. The idea is to be able to adjust your pace of life to correct certain abuses.

For monthly monitoring

Monthly monitoring applies exactly the same principles! Concerning the Bullet Journal trackers, you can therefore afford to follow the state of your finances, the frequent appearance of migraines or chronic pain. If you have pets, this is the unstoppable tip to follow the diet or treatment. Finally, we also think about all the everyday tasks with cleaning, shopping and filing papers.

For annual monitoring

Finally, and for annual monitoring, you can use Bullet Journal trackers to check medical care, car maintenance, a budget or follow-up care for a pet. In short, the principle is simple and can be infinitely personalized according to your needs and desires!