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How to have a successful meeting using the meeting notebook?

The meeting notebook is the dashboard of your professional days! Planning , project, organization, contacts... Inside, it is full of classified and organized information that will save you precious time. Result ? You are ready to maximize your potential during work meetings! You still have to choose your notebook carefully and personalize it in your image so that it can become your best ally. In short, here's why and how the workbook can truly change your organization.

Why use a meeting notebook?

When we think of meetings, we automatically think of laptops, applications or smartphones. However, digital media are far from reliable and customizable. In addition, there is a great temptation to drift on social networks and lose track. This is why the meeting notebook is essential since it completely cuts you off from any source of distraction.

In addition, by describing your organization on paper, you automatically free your mind from the mental load. Its little extra? It allows you to express your creativity to make your working days a pleasure. In short, it is a precious ally which accompanies you all year round and which remains infinitely customizable.

How to use a meeting notebook?

Good news ! There are about as many meeting notebooks as there are people using them! However, before you get started, a small point of organization is necessary so that it can become as practical as it is ergonomic on a daily basis.

1 - Bend it to your requirements

Before choosing your meeting notebook , you will first need to think about how you want to use it. Its format, its number of pages, its organization options... At a single glance, it will allow you to gather everything you need in the same place for a global and effective overview.

2 - Organization options

In the world of meeting notebooks, several options are available to you! Planner, bullet journal, weekly planner, weekly planner... Everyone has their own style and affinities. Obviously, you will have to question this type of presentation since it must correspond to your professional needs.

3 - The essential index

All planners know that an index page is almost inseparable from a meeting notebook. Usually first, it allows you to take a quick look at everything else in the notebook to find your way around with a simple gesture. Plus, it's a handy little tip if you need to share its content with the rest of your colleagues during a brainstorming session.

4 - Color for planning

If you need to find your way around more easily, color remains an excellent tool for planning the smallest stain. Using the highlighter, you highlight the themes covered or the list of current projects. With a simple glance, you can sort out urgent tasks or those that are much more time-consuming and require additional investment. The must ? A color chart directly on the index to guide you as quickly as possible towards your goals!