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How to scrapbook with photos?

Among the creative hobbies that are on the rise at the moment, there is scrapbooking (or creacollage). This expression designates a form of creative expression which consists of creating personalized photo albums. The technique consists of using various elements in collages (cut-out images or patterns, colored backgrounds, stickers, drawings, icons, etc.) to display a selection of photographs according to a theme. We are going to give you some advice for taking your first steps in this world which has many fans.

What type of album to make in scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking allows you to personalize different types of photo albums . Here are some examples:

  • A DIY travel photo album
  • A DIY wedding photo album
  • A DIY family photo album
  • A DIY birth photo album
  • A DIY pregnancy photo album

There are many other types of photo albums to make in scrapbooking. The most important thing is to let your creativity speak.

How to choose your support for your scrapbooking album?

To make a scrapbooking photo album , you need to find the ideal support. To begin with, in stationery stores, in stores specializing in materials dedicated to creative hobbies as well as on the web, you will find numerous supports for beginners to fill with all the accessories provided. The most experienced will start with blank book supports and give free rein to their imagination. It is also possible to make scrapbooking albums from different media such as old books, diaries, school books, children's books or magazines. There are no limits to creativity.

Gather your scrapbooking pieces

The first rule of scrapbooking is that there isn't one. Anything can become a scrapbook piece as long as it's flat enough to fit in a photo album. The first place you can find them is at home. Go looking for pieces of fabric, lace, thread, buttons, and colored paper. You can also cut out pictures or designs that you like from magazines or on postcards. You will also find patterns to print on the web. In craft stores , you will find all the elements necessary to make a photo album.

Finally, the most important thing is to find the right photos for your album . To go beyond the image of a classic photo album, use different formats , cut out shapes and make original frames with the other pieces. If you are not a creative person, do not hesitate to look for inspiration on the web.

Finally, don't forget text boxes , whether to caption a family photo taken at a vacation spot or to tell the story of a trip.

Choose a color code for your theme

Color coding in scrapbooking is very important. Always maintain a certain consistency and harmony throughout your album. For example, for a birth album or a pregnancy album , the trend is to use soft, powdery colors with black and white photos. For a family album , we will use sepia or cool tones filters to bring a nostalgic atmosphere. On the other hand, for a travel album , you have to dare with color and lightness, like for a wedding photo album .

Go further in the practice of scrapbooking

The scrapbooking technique is now used for many things other than personalizing photo albums. You can create creacollage on many other types of media such as photo frames , postcards and DIY storage boxes. Scrapbooking enthusiasts will also personalize other decorative elements for the home by creating paintings and frescoes. You will find very nice ideas for personalizing table plans, guest books or urns for ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.). The latest trend in scrapbooking is the bullet journal , in which you can insert photos. Do not hesitate to inquire about this subject.