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How to get started in scrapbooking?

Do you want to develop your creativity in everyday life? So, scrapbooking is an excellent solution! Personalized photo album, greeting cards, bullet journal... It's a creative hobby that allows you to escape for the time it takes to create a positive and liberating well-being break on a daily basis. So how do you get started when you're just starting out? Here are some ideas!

Find your scrapbooking idea

If you are looking for creative ideas to get started with scrapbooking, take a quick look around the web! For example, the Pinterest network remains an excellent source of inspiration when it comes to creative hobbies. You can also have fun looking at specialized blogs which generally offer you numerous tutorials to guide you step by step.

When you have a more precise idea, you just need to think about the necessary equipment as well as any technical constraints. For example, try to estimate the duration of your activity to avoid unpleasant surprises! If creating a photo album seems too time-consuming, some may give up completely due to lack of motivation. This is why it is essential to carefully break down all the stages of your project to take a concrete look at your next achievement.

Organize your creative space!

To let your creativity express itself, the environment plays a key role! As it is an activity that must remain fun, it must encounter as few constraints as possible. Most of the time, choose your office with all the necessary equipment within reach. This way, you will save precious time and you can have fun organizing your space so that it adapts to your desires. In addition, you should know that a scrap project is rarely completed on the same day. Thanks to your creative space, you can start again at any time without needing to bring out all your gear!

Invest in minimal equipment

To get started in scrapbooking , a minimum of equipment is required! Obviously, it depends on your project, even if certain supports seem essential! For example, quality printed paper can be used to create cards, a table or simply to decorate boxes. You can also let yourself be tempted by an album to create a wedding, travel or birth album. In the world of scrapbooking, there is something for everyone with bound, hinged, screw-in albums…

For cutting or embellishing, you may need a scissor, stencils, craft knife or border punch. Stamps or stickers are also essential! So there is plenty to do to allow you to express your creativity! As for finding all your gear, many brands offer it to you as well as many specialized sites, directly online!

The essential scrapbooking tutorials

To get started in scrapbooking, tutorials are almost essential! Once you have chosen the material, do not hesitate to search the web in search of the project you want to carry out. Today, many specialized blogs support you step by step with training courses specially dedicated to beginners. To find them, nothing could be simpler! Just check out platforms like YouTube or Pinterest which are full of creative nuggets.

In addition, the big advantage of video support is that you can easily pause it in order to resume your project another day. Finally, the last tip to know for beginners is scrapbooking kits. Already designed and organized by specialists, they allow you to have everything you need at hand to embark on any project. In short, all you have to do is search your imagination or find your gem on the Web!