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Travel diary: Why and How to get started?

In the digital age, is it still relevant to make a travel diary ? The answer is yes, more than ever! Because the big problem with technology is that it is fleeting and has a tendency to drown in a multitude of information. In addition, a travel journal allows you to express all your emotions, from the most joyful to the darkest. In short, here's why you should consider it for your next road trip!

Why the travel diary?

When we go on vacation, we often tend to immortalize our most beautiful moments in photos to publish them on social networks. Except that on the other side of the world, the Wi-Fi connection is not always the best. In addition, if the image immortalizes a moment, it does not contextualize your journey.

And this is precisely where the travel diary comes in! Inside, you can find a myriad of anecdotes that you will enjoy rediscovering years later. In addition, you share your emotions, an unexpected encounter or the route of your expedition. In short, it's a road map that takes you back in time to relive the most beautiful moments of your road trip!

How to keep a travel diary?

The main advantage of the travel diary is that there are no rules! Blog, application, notebook, diary... It accompanies you day to day or more occasionally, but is always ready to receive your memories. In short, here are different ways to approach it to let yourself go writing!

For maximum disconnection!

The travel diary completely cuts you off from civilization! Instead of staying fixated on an image, you learn to describe it by putting your own words and definitions on it. As your expedition progresses, you will be able to discover with wonder the universe that surrounds you while trying to describe it through an inner adventure.

Because it must be said that on the other side of the world, losing your bearings is not always easy to bear and can even lead to moments of confusion. This is why refocusing on paper by keeping a logbook focuses you on the essential: your many discoveries!

Because it's only for you

Compared to Instagram photos, making a travel diary appears much more intimate! Inside, you entrust him with your little moments of joy, but also your disappointments. Far from the gaze of others, you go a little deeper into the emotions you feel, without fear of judgment. Homesickness, anger, excitement at its peak... The few lines that you draw on the paper obey only you!

Because it develops your creativity

And it is precisely because it is intimate that the travel diary allows you to develop your creativity! Beyond writing, you can start drawing by recreating the route found on Google Maps. Those who have a preference for painting can try to reproduce a landscape which will bring back an unforgettable memory years later. As for the blog, you work on the colors of the photos and landscapes to share this moment with your loved ones. In addition, once launched, creativity only seeks to express itself!

To have a faithful companion

Finally, making a travel diary also means feeling less alone! Because it is obvious that during a road trip, you are bound to experience difficult moments. So to avoid falling into a monologue, you can let go on paper. On a daily basis, it is an exercise that will allow you to take time for yourself and exchange the feeling of loneliness with an ever-renewed discovery of the feelings you feel. Between calm and introspection, a myriad of memories are written and which you will certainly enjoy rereading in the midst of the whirlwind of life!