Masking tapes

Our rolls of decorative masking tape are small rolls of adhesive paper tape with colourful motifs, each one prettier than the next. This sort of masking tape has been immensely popular in the scrapbooking world in recent years. You can stick it on and peel it off again and again. Decorative masking tape is a wonderful accessory for DIY craft projects, but also to personalise notebooks, diaries and even bullet journals. Our masking tape can be used to add special touches to a handwritten letter to someone you love, decorate a new baby card, a scrapbook album or even... the furniture! In other words, it’s a multipurpose DIY essential that's suitable for all your creative ideas! We have masking tape with pandas, cactus, llamas, leaves and even unicorns. Discover our wide range of repositionable masking tape and all the illustrated themes! See more

Masking tapes

Have you ever spent hours on a craft project only to find out at the last minute that something's missing. That little detail that will enhance your DIY project and finish it perfectly. Search no further, we have what you need: decorative masking tape! This decorative paper tape will provide the finishing touches on all your DIY creations. Being both pretty, practical and easy to apply, it’s easy to see why so many experienced crafts persons and beginners too (needing simple papercraft tools) have come to love it. People of all ages can enjoy cutting up masking tape, sticking it on objects, peeling it off and repositioning it again. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, a roll of masking tape is still a genuine DIY accessory. We’ve hand-picked a wide variety of pretty illustrated masking tapes just for you. You'll find unicorns, cacti, bicycles, flowers, leaves, geometric shapes and even plain colours. Of course, the hardest part, is how to resist buying the whole range (although you can if you like)! We have so many designs for you that we know you’ll find one you love in our selection. Our rolls of masking tape are up to ten metres long, which means they will last you through many craft projects to come. Rest assured you’ll have enough tape to add original, stylish touches to all the things you want to! FYI: our masking tape can be used on a variety of objects and is repositionable. You can stick the tape on, peel it off and stick it on to something else. It won’t leave any traces or lose its sticking power. Our rolls of masking tape can be used to personalise your stationery (notebooks, diaries, bullet journals, daily intentions journals, etc.) scrapbook albums, new baby and wedding cards, photo frames, home decor (lamp, mirror, storage boxes, etc.) and even... the furniture! For example, why not decorate a wardrobe in the nursery using rolls of pretty unicorn or cactus masking tape? Nobody else will have furniture quite like yours. Rolls of masking tape are genuine papercraft accessories for your DIY crafts and home staging projects.

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