Paperclips, stamps with multiple messages, stencils for bullet journaling and even Crystal’ clear stamps... if you run out of ideas for personalising and decorating your notebooks, diaries and bullet journals, we have some things to help! Take a look at our comprehensive collection of DIY papercraft accessories. Add tasteful finishing touches to your notebooks for a look that's uniquely yours. No more dreary notebooks! Our unique and fun stationery will make writing a pleasure. Just choose the theme that suits you best, then select all the DIY accessories you need. Some dabs of glue, a few stencils later and you’ll have that stunning finish you wanted. These accessories can be used for craft workshops and are suitable for people of all ages.See more


Did you know that the visual appeal of your stationery affects the way that you use it? It’s much more enjoyable to write in an attractive personalised notebook than on a piece of scrap paper or no-frills office stationery. So, if you would like to be more productive at work, better organised in your personal life, more meticulous in your planning or keep a personal dairy for more than two days in a row, you will need a notebook decorated to reflect your personality. We have carefully selected a complete range of stationery accessories to help you do this. These accessories will help you personalise objects like notebooks, diaries, organisers, bullet journals and more. Even if you’re not a gifted artist you can still enjoy decorating your notebooks. We have stencil sheets of illustrations, stamps with multiple messages and positive quotes, and designer paperclips. You'll find that you’re spoiled for choice! All our DIY accessories are easy to use and don’t require any kind of specialised knowledge or artistic talent to use them properly, quite the opposite! Our plastic stencils can be used endlessly. Place the cut-out shape on the surface of your choice, then colour or paint over it. Once you remove the stencil, your to-do list or bullet journal page will have a beautiful illustration. Our fancy paperclips (arrow, camera, envelope, etc.) are designed to help you to find important pages in your notebook, attach an important document or even assemble loose sheets of paper. You can use them in your personal development journal or to stay organised at work. These are nothing like your humdrum, traditional paperclips, our gold-tone paperclips are genuine decorative accessories. Finally, our stamps with multiple messages can also be used to customise your notebooks, journals and diaries... perhaps even a love letter or a set of invitations (wedding, baby shower, etc.)! Rubber stamps are a simple and quick way to print positive ideas and inspirational messages and they come in a variety of themes (love, family, office organisation and more). Just stamp them on to add some original decorative touches to your work. Shop our complete collection of DIY stationery accessories.

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