Stamps, inks and stencils

Discover our selection of stamps, ink and stencils to use for customisation, personalisation and home staging. Sold in sheets containing different illustrations that you can mix and match, these stationery accessories are essential for any craft project. When you have tools like these, you don’t need to be an amazing artist. On the contrary! These tools exist to help you fulfil your creative objectives and achieve the result you dreamed of. We’ve prepared a beautiful selection of accessories for you, from rubber stamps with bicycles and stencils in the shape of palm leaves to acrylic blocks for applying clear stamps. It’s your turn to have a play!See more

Stamps, inks and stencils

Add some panache to your DIY creations using our sets of stamps, ink and stencils. You can use them to personalise your bullet journals, customise a favourite piece of furniture, make wedding cards that reflect your personality, add a special touch to a handwritten letter or simply draw and set your imagination free. Our stamps are easy to use and are essential tools for DIY projects. These stamps allow anyone to illustrate their work beautifully without being a gifted artist or having any specialised drawing skills! We have selected stamp sets with a variety of different illustrations so that everyone can enjoy being creative. There's something for everyone both young and old in our wide selection. If you'd like to create wedding invitations on the theme of nature and flowers... then choose our set of 20 Oh My Green Crystal’ clear stamps! It includes images of a kitchen garden, flowers, leaves and plants. This set is good for creating a bohemian ambiance with an elegant air of the country to encapsulate your style. Or perhaps you'd like to personalise some furniture with an autumn and animal theme? Then choose the set of 24 fox-themed stamps. This set has all the autumn designs with flowers, hedgehogs, foxes and toadstools. It’s a visual delight! Or you could customise your honeymoon photo album... Our set of 20 Oh La La stamps features hats, sunglasses, a suitcase, a camera and a bicycle and will instantly bring back all those wonderful holiday memories. Our set of 15 French Vacation stamps includes pretty illustrations and labels to add the final touches to your project and give it a vintage look. You'll soon be dreaming of your next holiday abroad… We understand that each craft project needs its own set of stamps. That’s why we have so many different themes to choose from. Don’t be afraid to add more stamps to your DIY toolbox until it's overflowing with stationery accessories: stickers, pens, paper packs, decorative masking tape and more. As you acquire more accessories, you'll be able to achieve better results and customise projects to fully reflect your taste.

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