Scrapbooking albums

We have wedding photo albums, new baby photo albums and holiday albums. Gather all your precious souvenirs together and preserve them in a scrapbook album. Start by printing out your favourite photographs, then arrange them on the page and stick them in the album. Our entirely blank albums are made to be personalised as little or as much as you like. You'll need some stickers, lettering, masking tape and stencils! Collect all your papercraft tools and accessories to decorate and customise your scrapbook like a star! We have DIY photo albums in many different formats and colours as well as clear plastic pockets to expand your album. Once you have all the tools assembled, you’re ready to create a photo album that’s worthy of holding your precious souvenirs! When the project is finished, you can flick through the pages with your family and friends and relive those special moments.See more

Scrapbooking albums

DIY has become all the rage in the last few years. More and more people are enjoying making things for themselves, crafting by hand and bringing their most imaginative ideas to life. Of course, when it comes to a customised DIY project, nobody can do it better for you, than you! And nobody else knows how you want it to look when it’s finished! While not everyone can be naturally talented at making things, there are many new tools and accessories that can help you to achieve professional results in even your most ambitious projects. So, whether you’re a seasoned DIY crafter or you’re just starting out, we encourage you to go for it! Scrapbook albums are immensely popular right now. But you may be wondering how to use a scrapbook... You can use a scrapbook to make a memory photo album for example (don't use just any old photo album). A memory album is more than a photo album, it’s a treasure chest to hold all your most precious memories, photos and souvenirs. Scrapbook albums are sold completely empty (no illustrations or text on the pages or cover) and ready to personalise. Enjoy decorating and customising each page in your memory album, including the inner front page, until you have an entirely personalised album. At Draeger Paris, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive range of craft tools so that you can make your own personalised scrapbook albums. We have albums in a variety of sizes, formats and colours in our online shop, ready to personalise. We also have clear album pockets to expand your album (sold in packs of ten). So, grab your best markers to write titles in elegant calligraphy, your most beautiful stickers to enhance each page with lavishly coloured illustrations, and your best stencils to add additional artistic touches here and there. What a wonderful way to highlight your best wedding photos, precious baby photos and favourite holiday souvenirs! Feel free to use pieces of masking tape to stick the photos in your album for an additional decorative touch. We're sure you’re going to love flicking through the pages later and reliving those precious moments. And we know you'll love the style of your finished album because you’re the one who made it!  

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