Individual paper

Come and browse through our large collection of single sheets of craft paper. We recommend using this premium paper in a rainbow of colours and patterns for all your DIY projects: scrapbook photo albums, cardstock for invitations, to personalise notebooks and customise elements of your home decor. This luxurious paper can be used as is, or cut into different shapes. But no matter what you do with it, the finish is always fabulous and one of a kind! Cut, glue, collage, staple and fold... use our paper your way in all your DIY creations. We have single sheets of standard paper or adhesive paper to bring to life all your craft project ideas. Which sheet of paper will you choose? Kraft paper with gold, pink and indigo polka dots or the adhesive glitter paper?   See more

Individual paper

To make a scrapbook album you need the essential papercraft accessories. These include markers, coloured pencils, masking tape, stencils, rubber stamps and also single sheets of standard or adhesive paper. The more papercraft supplies that you have available, the more you will enjoy customising your memory album. In fact, there’s no limit to what you can do as you explore your arts and crafts ideas. At Draeger Paris, our extensive collection of single sheets of paper includes everything you need to complete your scrapbook project. There are single sheets of paper in a range of colours, patterns and textures in our online shop. Our wide selection of coloured paper includes Kraft scrapbooking paper with gold polka dots, speckled ivory paper, blush pink paper with gold polka dots, mint green paper, flecked Kraft paper and even cherry red paper! From pastel or neutral hues to the most vibrant colours, we have all the colours you could possibly need. You'll also want to take a look at our single sheets of glitter paper with an adhesive backing (in silver, gold and grey). These are also available in single sheets. The paper can be cut into the shape of your choice and stuck on many different surfaces: notebooks, diaries, scrapbook albums and even decorative objects. While our paper is perfect for customising scrapbook albums, the single sheets are also suitable for a wide variety of DIY projects. You can use the sheets of paper to add some extra details to wedding invitations or a new baby card, a storage box or even a handwritten letter. All of our single sheets of paper are available in the online shop and all of our paper has been chosen for its beauty, but also for its exceptional quality (texture, paper weight, etc.). When you buy single sheets of paper from Draeger Paris, you can be certain that you’re buying an acid-free paper.  

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