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The essentials when it comes to fashion accessories for the office

In the world of work, neat and elegant attire is often required. In order to feel comfortable and confident in your professional environment, it is essential to pay special attention to your office wardrobe. In this article, we highlight the essential fashion accessories for a chic and sophisticated style at the office.

Accessories to structure your outfit

To perfect a professional outfit, certain accessories are essential allies that allow you to assert your style while remaining sober and elegant:

  • The belt: This practical and aesthetic accessory is a must-have in any professional wardrobe. A quality leather belt in a neutral color such as black or brown will match the majority of your outfits and will add a refined finishing touch.
  • The scarf: A thin, light scarf tied around the neck can add a touch of elegance and femininity to a classic office outfit. Opt for discreet patterns and harmonious colors with your clothes for a sophisticated look.
  • The watch: What could be more chic than a beautiful watch to enhance a professional outfit? Choose a discreet and timeless model, with a leather or metal bracelet depending on your preferences.

Accessories to add style to your outfit

While remaining sober and elegant, certain accessories can allow you to assert your personality and highlight your outfit:

  • Jewelry: A discreet necklace, fine earrings and a minimalist ring are all accessories that will enhance your look without overdoing it. Favor precious metals such as silver and gold, for a chic and durable look.
  • Shoes: A stylish and comfortable pair of shoes is essential to feeling good at the office. Opt for mid-heeled pumps, loafers or derbies in neutral colors like black, brown or gray.
  • The handbag: Your handbag must be both practical and aesthetic in order to combine functionality and style. Choose a simple and structured model, with enough storage space to accommodate all your everyday essentials (wallet, phone, keys, etc.).

The essential basics to complete your office wardrobe

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, a few key pieces are essential to put together elegant outfits suited to the professional world:

The blazer

A centerpiece of the professional wardrobe, the blazer is a true essential. It brings a touch of elegance and seriousness to any outfit, while being very versatile. Opt for a fitted model, with or without buttons, in neutral colors like black, navy blue or gray.


The shirt is another essential basic for office outfits. Choose models in light and comfortable cotton, with cuts adapted to your body shape. Sober colors like white, beige or light blue will be ideal for putting together harmonious and sophisticated outfits.

Straight pants or pencil skirt

To complete your professional look, opt for straight pants or a pencil skirt , which will nicely highlight your figure while remaining perfectly suited to the work context. Choose comfortable and easy-care materials, as well as neutral colors that match your other clothes and accessories.

With these few tips and suggestions for essential accessories and basics, you are now ready to put together chic and elegant office outfits, while asserting your personality and feeling comfortable in your professional environment.