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Bullet Journal: which pens or markers to use?

To support all your creative desires in a Bullet Journal , the question of pens and markers arises! Luckily, with the success of the Bujo trend, there are now easy ways to express yourself in your notebook. So if you're looking for the perfect pen, this is the place!

Which pen to choose for a Bullet Journal?

Staedtler triplus fineliner, Uni-ball Roller, Staedtler pigment liner... Discover the essentials for your Bullet Journal!

The Staedtler triplus fineliner

When you start with Bujo, the Staedtler triplus fineliner is the obvious choice. Available in black or colors, the lead remains fine, which allows you to go into detail. In addition, the brand offers a set of 20 at €0.60 each with a whole range to explore. However, if you have a particular preference, you can also opt for a pen at €0.92 each.

The Staedtler pigment liner

The Staedtler pigment liner is presented with a mine of 0.1 or 0.3. If you have a preference for calligraphy or drawing, prefer 0.1 since it allows you to make super fine lines before widening them as you wish. Plus, as it is waterproof, you can easily add watercolor to your Bullet Journal!

The Stabilo point 88

For beginners getting started with Bullet Journaling, the Stabilo point 88 is often cited. The only problem is that its 0.3 mm lead crushes relatively quickly in addition to thick writing. Unlike its main competitor, the Staedtler triplus fineliner, it is not necessarily easier to use, especially as it is more expensive at €0.72 each!

The Uni-ball Roller

Minimalist Bullet Journal fans will love it! Waterproof, this all-terrain pen allows you to color without mixing. Ideal for the tracker, it allows you to go finesse without any particular effort. In addition, its 0.5 mm lead is foolproof. Its only drawback? Its price, since it is around €2.19.

The Paper Mate

Finally, the Paper mate remains an essential pen in the world of Bujo. Available in a pack of 16, you will fall for its superb colors which promise excellent results. In addition, its super fine lead adapts to your desires, whether for calligraphy, for coloring or simply for writing. Count around €0.69 per unit.

Which marker for a Bullet Journal?

If at the start, colored pens can be very useful to you, as you progress through your Bullet Journal, you will inevitably want more! Gradient, watercolor, calligraphy… In short, discover the essential pens at Bujo!

The Tombow

Presented in a set of 9 + 1 magic marker for €16.18, the Tombow offers you a two-in-one solution: a 1 mm fine tip and a brush tip. Watercolorable, you can even opt for a single marker from the 108 color chart! Perfect for calligraphy, it can also be used for drawing, coloring or creating superb hand-painted pictures.

The Zebra Midliner

The Zebra Midliner also offers you a double tip. On one side, a felt tip and on the other, a highlighter tip and a fine tip. In use, it remains fluid and does not bleed through the pages, making it easy to use. However, to choose, the Tombow offers you many more possibilities with its watercolor brush.

The pastel Stabilo

Simple, practical, Stabilo pastel is ideal for coloring the index finger! Available in pink, mauve or green, it gives a welcome touch of color from the table of contents to make it easier to navigate.