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Bullet Journal: which notebook to choose?

Halfway between a diary and a diary, the Bullet Journal revolutionizes everyday life! Customizable, intelligent and creative, it allows you to reconcile personal and professional life at the tip of the pen. In short, here's why you should fall for this essential and how to choose it well!

Why go for the Bullet Journal?

Invented by Ryder Caroll, the Bullet Journal soon made its way across the Atlantic! At first glance, it looks like a traditional diary with the organization of the day or week. But looking closer, this intelligent logbook makes it easy to reconcile personal and professional life. Because its main strong point is certainly its multiple creative possibilities.

Inside it is composed in such a way that you can perfectly insert inspiring phrases or daily goals to avoid procrastination. By simply putting small suggestions on paper, this allows you to avoid the mental burden on a daily basis. In addition, it completely disconnects you from digital media and allows you to use your creativity!

How to choose your notebook?

The good news is that the Bullet Journal can be infinitely personalized! You will therefore inevitably find the one that suits you, provided you carefully examine certain criteria.

The Bullet Journal format

Above all, the Bullet Journal format must be practical and easy to use. To slip into your bag, the A5 format will be perfect, especially as it allows you a magnificent layout. For fans of large format, some designers offer you a notebook in the form of an A4 sheet. A little more difficult to transport, you will also have to remember to fill it to get the most out of it.

The Bullet Journal Rule

Blank, squared, lined, dotted pages... It all depends on your habits and your desires. For example, the Bullet Journal with points makes it easy to make drawings or tables. On the other hand, the lines emphasize the writing while the blank page lets your imagination fully express itself. It is therefore a very personal choice which must take into account your affinities and your needs.

The color and weight of the Bullet Journal pages

Finally, the color and weight of the notebook pages are also important elements. For example, for white or ivory-colored pages, you can easily attach colored stickers that will brighten up your Bullet Journal over the days. On the other hand, if you immediately opt for a color, then you will have to think about harmonizing everything. As for the weight, this is an essential point to prevent the ink from bleeding through or bleeding onto the rest of the notebook!

How to get started with a Bullet Journal?

In the world of bullet journaling, certain brands are essential. For example, we think of Quo Vadis, whose reputation is well established in terms of diaries. In its collection, it offers a solid and rigid notebook with grain-free and particularly smooth white pages. In addition, it can be found at any point of sale for only around twenty euros.

As for the Toga notebook, the cover is kraft paper and dot pages. Excellent value for money, its weight remains perfect and supports ballpoint pens as well as ink pens. Finally, at Oberthur, you discover a Bullet Journal full of refinement and delicacy. With a soft cover available in three colors, its ivory pages open flat and are slightly dotted to preserve its aesthetics! It's up to you to choose yours!