Mother's Day 2021: our selection of gift ideas

Fête des Mères 2021 : notre sélection d’idées cadeaux

Next Sunday, May 30, mothers will be in the spotlight! To celebrate them properly, why not swap the traditional bouquet of flowers for more original little touches? From the revisited gift card to a scarf or a piece of jewelry, head for unique gifts of their kind.


A tailor-made gift always makes an impact, so don't hesitate to opt for personalized attention! The idea? Think of an accessory that your mother uses every day, and choose a personalized version. Among the safe bets: a practical and colorful pouch or purse, bearing your choice of “ Mom ” or “ Cool Mom ” inscriptions. Another gift idea, a message necklace which will replace a too classic pendant. This golden model , whose medallion bears the word “Mom”, will definitely please her and will help make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable moment.


Scarves or stoles aren't just for winter! Even if the sunny days are approaching, nothing prevents you from betting on a light scarf which can enhance a hairstyle or warm up a long summer evening... In any case, these feminine models are an ideal gift to express your love this special day. Among our favorite pieces: this bright pink organza stole with a pretty play of transparency, this floral choker which can also be worn on the wrist or in the hair and this gradient scarf which will go perfectly with a spring or summer wardrobe.


Do you want to stand out for sure? Create the element of surprise by using a twisted everyday object, like this mug. We can bet that this model adorned with the slogan “ Mom cool, Mom hen ” will quickly become her favorite cup.


Because every successful occasion deserves a greeting card, don't forget yours! For example, you can combine your gift with a graphic card specially designed for Mother's Day , or with an original model in the shape of a bouquet of peonies which will replace the traditional bouquet of flowers. Whatever your choice, remember to accompany it with a little personalized note, a statement that your mother will cherish for a long time.