The stickers Reine des Neiges (Queen of the Snows) take up in pictures the key codes of this mythical cartoon. The success of this Walt Disney has won homes, and the whole family knows by heart the heady tune of the inevitable title "Libéré, délivrée...". Are you already overwhelmed with merchandise, books and DVDs? Your child will be amazed to discover this gift that she dares not hope for in her most beautiful dreams... On your side, you spoil your daughter without taking any risks: this adhesive decoration is easy to apply and remove without leaving any marks. Discover our best products...


Elsa and Anna, the inseparable sisters, have won your child's heart. Through their perilous adventures, against a backdrop of ice and struggles for freedom, your daughter lives the life of a rebellious and determined princess who controls her destiny in every way. She enjoys dreaming of challenges that are just as much about identity, and collects for this purpose all products that remind her of this tale of unrivalled success. But has her passion ever led her to redecorate her room in the blue and white colours of cartoons? If not, surprise her by offering her this possibility. A reward she will remember forever...


You're not very much for letting yourself be overwhelmed by Walt Disney's iconic melodies and dolls? Binder and pencil case are already printed with Olaf and Sven? Decorative stickers for your daughter's room are a wonderful solution to delight her?

- Recreate in its space a fairy-tale and familiar universe. Your child spends a lot of time in his room, sleeping, playing, dreaming... This room should become a reassuring cocoon, personalised to his taste, which it is beginning to assert. By displaying her favourite heroines on the walls, you allow her to express her passions of the moment. The cartoon also conveys values and precepts that can inspire her in her daily life. Friendly characters who face dangers together, an inextricable family bond between the two sisters, a desire for freedom that leads to the most valiant battles... Immerse your little girl in a fairy-tale atmosphere by allowing her to customize the walls of her room!

- As a parent, the benefits of Snow Queen Adhesives are also considerable! First of all, because you confine this decoration - which you may not necessarily like as much as it amazes your daughter - to your child's personal space. You avoid a permanent view of decorative elements that are rarely to the taste of adults, and this whether or not they have preserved their childlike soul! And secondly, because wall stickers are easy to apply and remove without leaving a trace. You don't throw yourself into a challenge out of reach by opting for these decorative stickers, and you can remove them as soon as your daughter changes her passion, the walls of your house remain intact.

To perfect the moment of sharing, choose together the wall decoration of your daughter's room. Giving in to her whim is one of the best ways to create even more complicity.


There are a multitude of adhesive models on the theme of the Snow Queen cartoon. Faced with such a wide choice, how can you decide? We give you some precious advice.

- Most importantly, keep your child happy. The wall decoration is intended for the walls of his room. Whether you like his choices or not, you might as well give him the opportunity to choose the model of his dreams. Don't forget: Adhesives, unlike other derivative products, will not come out of his room to invade your living room...

- Try to harmonize the decoration. The children's room is already decorated and highly personalised? For a pleasant style, pay attention to the colours and size of the decorative stickers. For example, choose bright colours to contrast with a pure atmosphere, or on the contrary, pale colours so as not to swear with the already colourful decorative elements. Do you have the impression that the atmosphere is overloaded, and impairs your child's concentration and appeasement? Favour a discreet format. In any case, identify the destination of your stickers before you buy them to make sure they will blend in perfectly with the decor.

- Be original. Your daughter can be even more assertive by letting her creativity run wild by arranging her space in unexpected ways. For example, she can use a board of Snow Queen stickers to sprinkle her room with decorative touches. She can also assemble the different elements of a scene to reinvent the story. Finally, you should know that stickers are not only for walls: front door or cupboard door, bathroom mirror or window... most supports are suitable! The advantage of placing your decorative stickers elsewhere than on a wall: you gain in discretion, ideal if you are a follower of sobriety.


A nice selection of wall stickers necessarily includes a few Reine des Neiges models, to satisfy the smallest ones. Discover our flagship products, approved by the biggest fans of Elsa, Anna and their friends.


Among the flagship models of Reine des Neiges stickers, the illustration of the two sisters accomplices. Leaning against each other, arms intertwined and eyes conniving, Elsa and Anna wear their most mythical clothes to immerse your child in his favourite Walt Disney. Your daughter will enjoy falling asleep under the benevolent wing of these brave heroines ...

Included in this wall sticker Snow Queen: a multitude of snowflakes in pale blue shades. With your child, have fun arranging the various decorative elements in the places of his choice, to transform the room with less effort! She can even save some for her bathroom, who knows?


Looking for really big Snow Queen stickers? To cleverly camouflage a damaged wall, to show off your child's taste or to decorate the whole room in the blink of an eye, choose an extra-large format.

These Frozen Friends wall stickers include 15 elements of adhesive decoration, among which the band of inseparable friends. Snowman Olaf is having fun riding reindeer Sven, while Kristoff proudly poses in front of his sweetheart Anna. And Elsa? She throws a trail of blue and gray snowflakes from her fingertips.

Tip: the large size of this model allows you to use it as a headboard. An original idea that will undoubtedly please your daughter...


For even more originality, choose the window stickers Snow Queen to personalize your glass surfaces! This model of window sticker Frozen electrostatic can be put on and removed endlessly ... On a bathroom mirror or bedroom window, for example, this illustration of Anna, Elsa and Olaf finds its place perfectly. Washable, it lasts as long as your child's passion for this resoundingly successful Walt Disney.

Have you made up your mind? It's time to look at the joy in your daughter's eyes as she discovers this wonderful gift...