Whether you want to give your furniture or walls a makeover, the wall stickers for living rooms allow you to quickly and easily rethink the decoration of your interior. Your white walls seem empty and austere? Would you like to replace your old furniture but only have a small budget? Why not start redesigning your living rooms yourself!

Available in a multitude of models and colours, decorative adhesives can now be adapted to all desires. So how can you be sure to choose wall stickers perfectly adapted to the atmosphere of your stay? And what are the many advantages of this decorative solution? Let yourself be guided...


Are you about to start renovating your living room? Before choosing the adhesives that will give a boost to your walls and furniture, take the time to think about several criteria.


The wall stickers for living room allow you to easily cover many surfaces, in all living areas of the house. All you need is a smooth, clean and dry substrate.

- The type of surface: your walls are monotonous and you want to brighten them up? You have grown tired of your old furniture and would like to renew it? Wall stickers allow you to redecorate your walls quickly and without any work, but also your doors, your furniture, your cupboard doors, your mirrors... You can also install 3d living room wall stickers on a window. On a PVC support, their double-sided printing in UV offset offers an exceptional rendering of colours.

- The size of the installation support: if you choose to revitalise an entire wall in your living room, opt for a large-format sticker. If you want to give a new look to your TV cabinet or a small bookcase, a small or medium size sticker will be more suitable. The size of the sticker should be adapted to the size of the surface to be covered for an optimal effect. This rule of proportions allows you to maintain a certain harmony in your living room, which will lead to a sense of well-being...


Once the nature and size of the support has been identified, you should think about the atmosphere you want for your stay. The living room is one of the rooms in which you spend the most time at home. Its decoration must therefore be welcoming, neat and well thought out, and perfectly correspond to your tastes and desires of the moment!

If you want to embellish a completely virgin room that has never been decorated, think about the style of decoration you prefer. A rather modern and uncluttered atmosphere? An atmosphere full of charm, authentic and warm? An interior with Scandinavian inspiration or a stay in the jungle trend? If the decoration of your living room is already inspired by a particular style, all you need to do is find the wall adhesive that fits in with this trend.

Suitable for all ambiances and all styles of decoration, wall stickers of quotations for the living room allow us to deliver positive, motivating and sometimes humorous messages! They bring good mood, joy of life and dynamism to the whole family...


For a refined and trendy decoration, you can opt for wall stickers for modern living room. Simple patterns and plain colours quickly revitalise your living room. The wall stickers for scandinavian living room also adopt geometric shapes and trendy colours (gold, duck blue, forest green...). Placed behind your sofa or on the door of your living room, they bring modernity and cachet to your interior.

Those who prefer soft and soothing atmospheres will turn to wall stickers for zen living room. Representing pebbles, water sources or plants, these stickers help create a Zen and relaxing environment. Delivering positive waves, they invite to meditation and slow life...

Nature lovers will also be able to opt for wall stickers for living room at pattern tree or for wall stickers for living room at pattern flowers. These exotic and relaxing stickers inspired by the vegetal world will bring softness and freshness to any interior. Representing flowers, leaves, branches, herbs or trees, they can easily be mixed with other nature wall adhesives.


Economical and easy to apply, repositionable adhesives allow you to add a personal decorative touch to your stay. Focus on the main advantages of these revolutionary stickers!


Working on the same principle as a simple sticker, the wall adhesive is easy to apply. First of all, you must make sure that the target surface (wall, door, closet, window or mirror) is clean, dry and smooth. The sticker cannot be stuck on a damp, dusty or greasy surface, nor on fabric or wallpaper. If your wall looks dirty, take the time to clean it first (with a cloth). Then simply remove the protective film and apply the sticker in the location of your choice.

Installing without forming bubbles, wall adhesives are removable and repositionable. If the location does not suit you, you can easily move it without leaving any marks on your wall, furniture or window. This ease of application and removal allows you to regularly renew the atmosphere and decoration style of your living rooms (living room and dining room), without damaging the surfaces. An ideal solution for those who do not own their own home!

Also suitable for wall surfaces, transfer stickers are very easy to apply, following the principle of decalcomania. They can be used to transfer a pattern or a drawing with very fine lines and contours. However, they cannot be repositioned. These wall stickers can be removed with a hair dryer and can be peeled off under the effect of heat.


No special tools or accessories are required to apply a wall adhesive. Simply identify the location and stick the sticker directly onto the wall. You don't need brushes, rollers, glue, primer or special adhesives. This trendy decoration solution allows you to renovate your interior yourself, without the need for a professional.

More economical than painting or wallpapering, the installation of your wall sticker does not generate any particular inconvenience (dust, noise ...). When you decide to repaint the furniture in your living room or cover a section of wall with wallpaper, you must follow certain tedious steps. The space must first be cleared, the floor protected and the equipment well prepared (you must clean and dry your brushes well, measure the surface to be covered to prepare the right amount of wallpaper...).

The installation and removal of a wall adhesive is clean and without any particular consequences. Children can even put the stickers on themselves in their bedroom or living room! Think about investing in quality wall stickers without any risk to your health or the environment. In addition to being easier to stick and remove, they guarantee bright colours and durability over time.