At a time when more than half of the French population has already written or would like to turn to writing, why not make it your new hobby or use it as a means of introspection?




Qui ne s’est jamais rêvé·e en écrivain·e sirotant une tasse de café tout en noircissant au stylo des dizaines de pages du matin au soir ? Selon une étude de l’agence Mediapost parue au printemps 2019, plus de la moitié des Français·e·s se sont déjà tourné·e·s vers l’écriture ou aimeraient le faire — comme en témoignent l’apparition de nombreux ateliers d’écriture et même de formations.


And for good reason: in addition to the prestige of seeing one's novel published, writing can be a form of therapy, which encourages letting go and allows one to take a step back. This is why many people adopt morning writing rituals, in an attempt to write for oneself and with no precise objective other than to clarify one's ideas and mind. The principle? To adapt the organization of one's day by setting aside a short but daily time to write down a spontaneous stream of thoughts in a notebook.




It's never easy to find the time and motivation to set up a new routine - especially if you've never written! So here are three tips for creating your ritual:


    Ritualize a time of day

      Give yourself a break! Depending on your activity and your schedule, define the time slot that will allow you to be calm, without distractions, and that you can hold on to over time.


        Choose your support

          Do you have a favorite notebook or pad? Dedicate it exclusively to your spontaneous writing sessions: this will allow you to centralize them, or even to come back to them in order to measure your progress. If you haven't yet found your preferred medium, this newspaper template will guide you in your writing by offering keys to help you sort through your thoughts and emotions.


            Write down everything that pops into your head

              The only rule of spontaneous writing is that there is none! You can start by writing down everything that goes through your mind when you wake up: your notebook will thus become the mirror of your mind. As the weeks go by, you'll be able to fine-tune your style by recounting memories, secrets, future plans, past anecdotes, moods or beautiful moments that come to mind - another option is to use your imagination!


                Take stock

                  After a few weeks or months, take stock: do your writing sessions bring you joy? Are you getting anything positive out of it? Is the timing right for you? Don't hesitate to make small adjustments to optimize and perfect your routine.


                  WRITE TO CARE FOR OTHERS


                  Let's not forget that writing has multiple virtues: in addition to helping you reconnect to yourself, writing a letter or a card has more impact than ever in this digital age! Sending small attentions on paper remains the most intimate way to exchange and stay in touch with your family and loved ones.

                  Si une lettre fait toujours son petit effet, une belle carte imprimée personnalisera encore davantage votre message. Qu’il s’agisse de souhaiter une « Belle journée », de rappeler que « La vie est belle » ou simplement de partager sa gratitude, il n’y a pas de plus beau moyen pour faire passer un message d’amitié ou d’amour.